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Why Use Induction Heating?

  • The correct mounting of bearings lengthens their life span. Using an induction heater can avoid damage during mounting.
  • Induction heating is safe and especially an environmentally friendly alternative for traditional heating methods such as blow torches, oil baths and ovens.
  • Bearings will remain clean and retain their original prelubrication.
  • The bores of bearings will remain cylindrical.

How Does Induction Heating Work?

  • An induction heater uses the principal of induction comparable to a transformer.
  • Core and windings are the winding side.
  • The bearing itself is a short circuited single turn secondary winding, which will produce heat due to its great electrical resistance.

Induction Heaters Available:

We can supply induction heaters ranging from pocket size suitable for heating bearings up to 2kg, through a highly portable heater for heating bearings up to 10kg, to heaters normally used in steelmills, papermills etc which can cope with bearings up to 800kg.