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Products - ’O’ Rings - inc Boxed Kits

Used in an infinite number of applications these are ring shaped seals of circular section. Polymers ensure that temperatures in excess of 300 centigrade can be withstood and they also withstand most chemicals and finally work at extremely low temperatures. Special size ’O’ rings and square section rings can be manufactured for specific requirements. PTFE back up rings are recommended for pressures in excess of 100 bar to ensure ’O’ rings resist extrusion. Materials that are available include nitrile (buna), viton, silicone, EPDM, PTFE, polyurethane and chloropene (neoprene) ’O’ ring is usually manufactured to hardness of 70 IRHD but this can be increased or decreased for specific requirements.

Splicing Kits:

An ’O’ ring splicing kit contains all the imperial and metric cords for cold bonded jointed rings. The kits include 16 different diameter cords in 1 metre lengths, anvil, knife and adhesive. Replacement rubber and adhesive are available.

Boxed Kits:

Kits can be made up to suit individual requirements and can include ’O’ rings, circlips, bonded seals, copper washers, fibre washers, cotter pins, nuts, bolts, fuses etc.