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Products - Pulleys, Sprockets & Bushes

Pulleys, Sprockets and Bushes

Transmission Chain

We supply a comprehensive range of quality BS and ANSI transmission chain.

Sprockets & Tapered Bushes

A full range of pilot and tapered bore sprockets with tapered bushes are available.

DU Bushes

  • These require no lubrication
  • Provide maintenance-free operation
  • Have a low wear rate
  • Are suitable for temperatures from -195c to 270c
  • Have good frictional properties with negligible stock-slip
  • Are compact and light
  • Require no machining after assembly


Vee and Timing pulleys are both available.

Chain Breakers

Chain breakers are a faster and safer alternative to conventional methods of splitting chain. These are available to suit all sizes of chain.