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Products - Seals

Rotary-Shaft Oil Seals

Rotary-shaft oil seals are available in a range of styles as follows:

R21 Rubber covered oil seal to suit standard applications
R23 Rubber covered oil seal with dust lip
R4 Metal cased oil seal
R6 Metal cased oil seal with dust lip
R5 Double sprung oil seal
Standard Metal cased leather oil seal


As a standard seals are manufactured in nitrile rubber although viton, particularly used for chemical and high temperature applications, is increasingly used. Silicone, EPDM and other polymers can be provided. Special polymers or special size seals can be manufactured. For certain applications split seals will avoid the need to demount heavy and difficult machinery.

Bonded Seals:

We are able to supply a full range of bonded seals in many materials and in both metric and imperial sizes. The more popular sizes are available in standard or self-centering styles and materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, nitrile, vitron, EPDM and silicone

Mechanical Seals:

Available to suit many and varied applications. We do need manufacturer and part numbers, shaft diameter, stationery housing diameter, stationery gasket style i.e. ’O’ ring or cup, estimated working length when compressed, free length of seal and for taper spring LH or RH.

Hydraulic or Fluid Seals:

A full range is available and non-standard. Designs can be manufactured. Hydraulic - double acting piston, single acting rod/piston, composite step, chevron, fabric/rubber cup, wipers. Pneumatic - cup, V-rings, U-seals, selon washer, seloc washer.